Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Stress, Crochet and Graffiti

I can't believe that it's been over eight weeks since I've posted and that it's April already, but I've been so stressed and busy that (sadly) the last thing I was thinking about was my blog. 

Over the last year or so EC has been quite unwell and was finally diagnosed with Crohns Disease just before Christmas. Unfortunately (and really horribly) she developed serious complications and ended up having major surgery in March. She has written about her experience on her blog Cats, Crochet, Cooking and Crohns if you'd like to know more about it and if you'd like to see pictures of The Best Crochet Hoodie in The World!

As I'm sure you can imagine, much of my time was spent worrying about her, visiting her in hospital and looking after her three cats. Or it would have been if I hadn't had to spend so much time travelling from one place to another! I feel I like I wasted so-ooooo much time on buses when I could have been actually doing something productive to help. It was super-frustrating and at times the boredom was almost overwhelming. I felt like I was going slowly mad.

But then I started noticing things on my journeys. Some things made me smile, like seeing these crocuses peeking through the grass in the park... 

...and the forsythias brightening up the the gardens and hedgerows with their distinctive yellow flowers.

I saw some interesting graffiti which made me stop and think - like this presumably Rousseau-Anarchist inspired slogan which appeared overnight on a local wall...(the photo is slightly edited just in case you're easily offended).

...and this one which made me wonder if I do know whatever it is I'm supposed to be knowing(!)

I also saw this carefully- crafted masterpiece on a tenfoot wall.

Despite looking rather random, it's actually a very well-thought out piece of artwork with subtle layers of meaning. It includes quotes by Descartes, an anarchist movement and references to the Dutch Revolt lead by William of Orange. There is also an image of revolutionary Che Guevara as well as a icon from Vendetta, a classic graphic novel. In some ways the local references to Dead Bod and Settee of Culture make it feel like a bit of an 'in-joke' too - you can read about Dead Bod here and Settee of Culture here.

I think that seeing all of these things stopped me from going completely bonkers by giving me something else to focus on, especially as I haven't had much time to devote to crochet (which is my usual go-to if I'm stressed or anxious). Do you use creative things to chill like I do?

I have managed to do a little bit of work on my crochet scarfI finished the remaining two of the four granny flower squares which means I finally finished part 1 (Yay!)

I then moved onto part 2 and managed to complete two big flowers

Two scalloped flower circles

Four solid squares

and two long petal flowers

which means that I have also finished part 2!

It also means that I have finished all of the motifs for the scarf and can move onto constructing the scarf in part 3.

I'm really happy with the colours for this and hope it ends up being as lovely as Joanita's did. Hopefully next time I'll be showing you the finished scarf! x


  1. Hey ma! I am glad you did manage to find some things to make you smile! The graffiti is pretty interesting and you captured it well! Fab photos! :-) I can't wait to see your finished scarf either so I think you should get cracking lol xxx

    1. Thanks Emily! I thought if you could find things to smile about when you were going through such a bad time, then I really needed to as well :-) I will get on with the scarf this week, bossy boots! xxx

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  3. You saw a lot on your journey.
    I love all the squares. I know it's going to look great.

    1. Thanks Dixie, I can't wait to get it finished now. x

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