Sunday, 7 February 2016

Watercolour Pencils

This week, I managed to find some time to practice with my new watercolour pencils. I began by doodling with them over a watercolour background (more as a mark making exercise than anything else) as I hoped it would help me to get a feel for the pencils and what I could achieve with them. I'm heavily influenced by textiles so I not only wanted the marks I made to reflect this but I also wanted them to mimic the random effect created by the stitched mark in crazy patchwork. Sadly, the results weren’t quite as successful as I’d hoped they would be. I suspect this was more to do with my lack of technique than anything else as I really couldn’t get to grips with them at all. Now I’m left wondering if I will ever use them again!  I tried to fix it by overworking some of the marks with sharpies to highlight certain areas and to blend others together, as I was at EC's and didn't have my acrylics with me. 

I think that this worked quite well and I'm a lot happier with the finished piece. 

I also started with a watercolour page as the background for my next attempt

I got seriously carried away on this one though and really overworked it. It's not what I wanted at all. 

Half of the problem is that once I crack open the sharpies my love of graffiti spills out and I feel the need to cover every available surface with doodles and scribbles. The other day, EC suggested out that sharpies are 'just glorified felt-tip pens' (shock horror) but I keep trying to explain that no, they are so, so, so much more than that. They do vaguely remind me of my childhood though, so perhaps my love of sharpies and doodles are just me hankering for the past, as if I'm trying to recreate the youth I misspent scrawling my name on school desks. Who knows? X

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