Sunday, 21 February 2016

Scarf Project and Freeform Crochet Heart

The last couple of weeks have involved a lot of sitting about in waiting rooms again. As this is likely to be the case for a while, I decided to start a new crochet project to stop me from getting too anxious while I’m waiting around and also to counteract the boredom which I’m inevitably going to experience.

After what seemed like five minutes spent browsing through the patterns on Ravelry (but which was in reality many happy hours) I eventually settled on this scarf pattern from Joanita at Creative Crochet Workshop. Her blog is really lovely, full of modern, bright and colourful crochet patterns along with lots of inventive ideas.The scarf was specifically designed for using up those scrappy oddments of yarn which are left over from other projects and was offered as a short crochet- a-long between 20th January 2016- 10th February 2016. It is still available on her blog and she even has a PDF of the pattern if you'd like to buy one.The pattern itself appeals to me on a number of different levels but there were three main reasons why I chose it:

  1. I wanted a super-portable project which wasn’t too big or heavy and which could quickly and easily be swept out of the way into my bag.
  2. It’s a fairly straightforward pattern which I don’t have to concentrate on too much.
  3. I wanted to do something creative based on the idea of ‘Love’ as it is this month’s theme for the ‘Creative Every Day Challenge’ and this pattern incorporates many of the elements of crochet which I am totally passionate about.
I've got on reasonably quickly with it so far and have completed:

Eight crochet rings

Four flower wheels

Six small solid flowers

Two of the four granny flower squares

This means that I've almost finished Part 1

I'm really happy with my colour choice for these as they remind me a bit of Easter and look very Spring-like. I don't know about you but I am definitely ready for Spring to arrive now!

One of the things I adore about crochet is that even the simplest motifs can be given a whole new look just by by changing your yarn, so I know that this scarf would look equally as good in a variety of different colour schemes and textures. In fact, one of the things which I liked about this pattern is that it is pretty much freeform crochet. And I really love freeform crochet!

Freeform Scumble 1.

I haven't done as much freeform as I would have liked to, mainly because I got sidetracked for a long time (also known as obsessed) with making blankets. But the few things which I have made are rather fun. I'm particularly proud of this Freeform Crochet Heart.

.Front of Freeform Crochet Heart

Back of Freeform Crochet Heart

Detail of Freeform Crochet Heart

It's made from a variety of different yarns including DK, Aran and Chunky. Some of the yarn also came from a beautiful scarf from Accessorize which I'd worn until it was falling apart but which I couldn't bear to part with. I carefully frogged it so that I could reuse the yarn for this project. 

It's funny what you fall in love with isn't it? X


  1. I love ur dangly buttons on ur freeform heart and I cant wait to see ur completed scarf pattern! I bet it will b v pretty. I love ur color choice too 😆 xxx

    1. Thank you Emily! You know I can't resist adding buttons to everything I make! lol. I'm glad you like the colours for the scarf, I was thinking it might go with your yellow gloves? xxx

    2. I think it will go perfectly with my yellow gloves! :-) Buttons do make eveything fabulous! Xxx

  2. I do like these. Great colours!

    1. Thank you Dixie. I have to admit that I get carried away with colour sometimes (!) but these do seem to work x


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