Friday, 10 May 2013

Scrap Yarn Ball

Hello again! As usual, I've been away for far too long despite hoping that I would turn over a new leaf in 2013 and be the consistent blogger that I keep promising myself I can be. Life has been a bit muddled lately (mostly because I was  having to conform to other people's wishes and expectations) but things finally seem to be settling down.
I've made a lot of new crochet gorgeousness since November, mostly as Christmas gifts and mostly in quite cheerful colours.This has also meant that My Scrap Yarn Ball (which I haven't quite got round to telling you about) has not only grown enormously but has taken on a wonderful multicoloured exterior which would put Joseph's Coat of Many Colours to shame. It's made from all of those tiny scraps of yarn which are left over when I've finished a project. Each little scrap is carefully knotted to the next and rolled into a ball. It sits on the shelf next to me in my favourite corner, waiting for me to add the next little scraps to it and makes me smile at it's cheerfulness. I almost don't want to crochet in dark colours at the moment because I know that all those little bits of yarn which I carefully knot together and add religiously to my ball will change all of that vibrant, clashy-coloured chaos which I adore.

I am looking forward to the warmer months though, mainly so that I can work in all of those leaping lamb and bouncing bunny colours again. My Scrap Yarn Ball looked pretty good wrapped in all of those pretty pastels last year, didn't it?
I think it also looked pretty good at the beginning of last year when I first started it though, so maybe those dark winter colours won't look too bad curling round it after all.
One day I will make something with it but right now I can't bear to 'cos I love my scrappy ball so much. :)

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