Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Tottenham Hotspur Birthday Cake

EC and YC were determined to make PDMC an extra special cake for his birthday this year as every year for as long as we can remember he has always made us a cake for our birthdays. So, the day before his birthday we got together in my cubbyhole to make the cake. We had all sorts of grand ideas, some stemming from cakes which my mum had made - we all have a wonderful memory of helping her to make a Christmas cake which had a 'Tango Man' sprawled on the top who was surrounded by teeny tiny cans of Tango. It was absolutely brilliant. In the end we decided to make a Tottenham Hotspur Football shirt, as it's a fairly simple shape and pretty hard to mess up.
We started with a basic Victoria Sponge recipe from our Baking Bible The Be-Ro Recipe Book. You can also find the recipe here.
We increased the amount of eggs, flour and sugar because we wanted a fairly big cake.
We also wanted it to be navy blue!
We got a bit carried away with the food colouring...
and forgot our colour mixing rules...
until we ended up with the whole bottle in there!
It's a bit of a funky colour, isn't it? 
It also looks particularly vile in the red cake tins! And it wasn't the navy blue we'd anticipated.
Into the oven it went to bake, though.
YC had tonsillitis so he supervised from the comfort of the sofa. He also got to lick the bowl out!
One cake cooked quicker than the other. Neither of them rose a great deal but they were still soft and spongy.
It looked a better colour once it had been baked.
We sandwiched both cakes together with Blackberry Jam. Yummy.
Then we cut the cake into the shape of a T-Shirt.
EC literally smothered it in Blackberry Jam so that the icing would stick. I don't think there was any chance of it not sticking, do you?
We used white roll out fondant icing to cover the cake.
and blue roll out fondant icing for the Spurs cockerel logo.
It looks a bit lumpy but that's because we used Jam with fruit pieces in.
We also made the sponsor logo, the sleeve stripes and the birthday boy's nickname out of the blue fondant icing.
This is the moment that PDMC saw his cake. His face pretty much says it all, doesn't it? He put a piccie of his his cake on facebook and there were a lot of COYS! comments. I wasn't sure what it meant but eventually (when they'd all stopped laughing) someone explained it to me. Hmmm. I think it's a pretty impressive cake and that EC in particular is very talented. She did most of the work on this while YC and I searched the tinterweb for logos and faffed about resizing them, etc.
I think the best bit was when he cut his cake and realised that it was turquoise inside!
I hope you've enjoyed my posts today and I'll try to come back soon x


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