Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Spurs Scarf

As promised in my post earlier today, here is a post about the scarf which I made for PDMC for his birthday. It's made in navy blue and white DK yarn from my stash.
I began by chaining 200 stitches.I've started using a stitch marker when I make my foundation chain, because I tend to lose count and do lots more than I actually need. On this foundation chain I used it when I'd got to 100 stitches.
Then I worked a treble crochet into each chain. I used two strands of my DK yarn together as I wanted a chunkier fabric. I also wanted this to be in blue and white because they are the colours of PDMC's favourite football team, Tottenham Hotspur.
I did two rows of treble in blue and then switched to white. I worked the one row of white into the back loops only and then I then changed to blue again, working in the front loops only for the first row and into both loops for the second row. This gives a slightly flattter fabric than working into both loops and makes the pattern that the colours create look a lot more even.
It worked up really quickly and I was quite happy with the result.
I worked a row of double crochet around the whole of the scarf which finished it off quite nicely.
The finished scarf measures about 7" x 60" and is very thick and warm.
PDMC really loved his scarf and he asked for a matching pair of gloves and a hat with a bobble on the top too.
I'm going to crack on with the gloves and hope to get them finished this week but I think that I might need a bit more time to concentrate to make a hat. I'll let you know how that goes! x

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