Monday, 15 October 2012

Finished Projects: Part One

BV's Crochet Blanket
This was one of my earliest crochet blankets and was made as a commission. Initially, I wasn't sure about making something to order as I hadn't been crocheting for very long and was worried that the finished product might not be good enough. But the lady who requested it had seen a shawl that I'd made and was determined to have a similar one for her daughter, who was expecting her first baby.
I decided that it would be best to keep the pattern very simple so I made a chain of about 250 stitches and worked rows of trebles into the back loop only. This gives a good textural effect which can be quite pretty when worked in a plain coloured yarn, such as this lemon double knitting yarn.
I know that I bought this from My Favourite Wool Shop because I don't generally shop anywhere else for yarn, but I have no idea of the brand. In my early days of crocheting and before The Big Purple Jumper I didn't think to keep a record of which yarns I'd used or even to take photographs. This was the first project that I'd actually remembered to get the camera out for!
I do wish that I'd had the foresight to iron the sheet that I'd thrown over the table as a backdrop, though! Oh well, the blanket itself looks rather sweet, if a little uneven. It most certainly would have benefited from blocking. But as I said, this was in the early days of my love affair with crochet when I could barely hook and had no idea about technical things such as 'blocking'. If you're also fairly new to crochet and would like to learn how to block your work, there's some really good on line tutorials which can help: Doris Chan gives a pretty good overview of blocking here. She also creates some fantastic crochet patterns and her website has been known to make me actually laugh out loud.
Anyway, I wanted my blanket to be a square so that it could be folded diagonally to swaddle a newborn baby, so I continued doing rows of trebles until it seemed about the right size.I have no idea how many rows I did, but it seemed like an awful lot and it took me ages to do.
It was a lot thicker than I expected it to be, but as the baby was due in the depths of winter I was quite pleased that it would be a little warmer.
I added four rows of double crochet around the whole of the blanket to even it up a bit. My edges were quite wonky because I kept inadvertently decreasing stitches by forgetting to work into the chain 3 at the end of every row but it didn't particularly spoil the finished blanket.
I added a row of trebles after the double crochet rows, skipping a stitch in between each one to give a little gap. I then did another row of double crochet before finishing with a double crochet, chain three stitch into the stitches which corresponded to the stitches on the last treble row. This gave me little loops to hang the tassells from.
I really enjoyed making this little blanket and think it turned out quite nicely, despite my inexperience.
The finished blanket measures approximately three feet square, so it is a fairly sizable blanket.
I was so overwhelmed when I received a 'Thank You' note and a box of Thornton's Chocolates from BV. It's lovely when people appreciate the things which you do for them, isn't it? :)

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