Friday, 5 October 2012

I love Autumn

Hello there! It's a while since I've been here and it's really lovely to be back again. I honestly and truly dislike being such an erratic blogger but hopefully I'll get myself organised and be much more consistent with the posts...I wouldn't hold your breath though, 'cos you may well go purple in the face waiting for that to happen!

The weather has changed dramatically since my last post and Autumn is really settling in.

I love Autumn, it's such a pretty season. I love how the leaves on the trees change colour from green to yellow to red and all the subtleties in between. I love how the colours of autumn envelop me and make me feel warm and safe.

I love how it's still warm enough to go out without an overcoat but not really warm enough for just a sweater. I love the hazy mornings and the feel of the sun on my face. The Autumn sun feels very different from the Summer sun. It's gentler somehow and calmer.

I love being able to wander quietly in the park, always hoping that the wind will pick up so that I can go and fly my kite.

I love that Hull Fair has arrived today, noisy and bustling and filling the air with the smell of diesel and burned sugar. I am filled with excitement at the prospect of walking to the Fair, I love shuffling through the fallen leaves by the cemetery and taking long, frightened strides across the railway lines. It feels like Autumn really is here now. And I love Autumn.

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