Sunday, 7 October 2012

Hull Fair 2012

I went for my annual 'wander' around Hull Fair yesterday evening with EC. I always enjoy the short walk there and think that it's a huge part of the experience for me. For some reason I can't explain, I find it quite exciting keeping pace with the other fair goers making their way down Spring Bank West and trying to avoid the scores of people simply milling around. As I mentioned in my last post, I love shuffling through the fallen leaves which litter the streets around the fair, but I'm afraid that I was slightly disappointed about the lack of leaves to shuffle through yesterday. Either the trees are hanging onto their leaves for grim death this year, or the road sweepers have done a sterling job of removing them. Given the general state of the city streets I'd hazard a guess that it's due to the former rather than the latter, but whatever the cause, I was a smidgen disappointed.
I was also slightly overwhelmed by how very, very, busy it was. We wouldn't normally go to the fair on a Saturday evening but EC isn't able to go during the week because of the funny hours that she works. So, busy Saturday evening it was. We did our usual holding- hands -snake as we made our way through the crowds (which I thought would never part) but there was a lot more pushing and shoving than usual and an awful lot less 'wandering' around. I'll admit that I got a bit panicky at one stage because I really don't like crowds and I was getting jostled so much.
Although I love the atmosphere of the fair (all that bustling and noise and smells and flashing lights) I don't like being barged into by every Tom, Dick or Harry. I like a great deal of personal space, so it does jangle my nerves to be in such close proximity to other people. But when I decide to go to the fair I know that this is going to happen. I know that people with prams will inadvertently catch the back of my heels as they push through the crowds, that people will walk into me, that I will probably walk into someone else. I know that people will be milling around, everyone walking in different directions and not always looking where they are going.
So I was a bit taken aback to find that someone (in their infinite wisdom) had decided that this year it would be an excellent idea to have zones around the fair from which PCSO's could direct the crowds. 'Keep to the left' was a recurrent cry. Some of them were even on little podiums. I raised my eyebrows in disbelief and EC raised hers back in a gesture of agreement. Passers by commented, to us, to each other. It was strangely amusing.
As I said, I really don't like crowds and I'm pathetically fearful when I'm in the middle of one, but I didn't actually feel in any imminent danger of being crushed or stampeded to death. I just didn't. It really wasn't that bad. It was just a very busy Saturday evening at Hull Fair.
We didn't go on any rides (the queues were so-ooo long) but we had good fun watching other people get drenched on the log flume and scaring themselves witless on so many of the other rides.
We were going to go on Hook-a-Duck but forgot to come back this way. We did buy fudge and rum truffles though and had a Slushie which turned our tongues blue!
I had a lovely time and might have to go for another wander down there before it leaves. If you're at a loose end this week and want something family centred to do, I'd definitely recommend a visit.

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