Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Finished Projects: Part Two

Windy Days and Scarves

I have to go food shopping this afternoon and I'm dreading it because it's very cold and very, very windy. I think I'm going to have to walk there too because I don't think that I'll get very far on my trusty steed today. I truly dislike food shopping but when I use the panniers on the steed to lug it all back it seems a bit easier. So I'm really not looking forward to having to carry heavy bags.I wouldn't mind if I knew what I needed but all I know is that the cupboards are pretty much bare. If I'd have been a bit more organised I could have pre-soaked some beans and made a lovely something or other out of them (which would have avoided the need to go out) but I think it's becoming apparent that organised is something that I'm not. (NB:Remind me not to send any potential employers a link to my blog!) I'm just glad that I've got a lovely woolly scarf to keep me warm on my journey. I'm actually laughing out loud here because I think that I might just be making this sound like I'm venturing off into the wilderness in a Scott of the Antarctic kind of way and not at all like I'm just going to the local shops! Anyway, as it is so cold and windy, I thought it'd be a perfect time to share some of my finished scarves with you. I do hope that you'll like them as much as me.

Hull FC Scarf

This scarf was made last year for a work colleague who wanted a crochet Hull FC scarf for his mum as a Christmas gift. I picked this yarn because I thought it would be a slightly more feminine take on the bulky scarves which rugby and football supporters tend to wear. He really didn't like it though, so I had to go and buy some chunky yarn and make a new one.
I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed that he didn't like it, but I suppose not everyone likes the same things. It was also a good example of how important it is to listen to what your customer wants!
I used King Cole Galaxy yarn which comes in 50g balls. It has sequins attached to the yarn so it's very spangly and Christmassy. I think I used about two balls to make the scarf
It's a very simple pattern. I chained about 200 stitches using a 4mm hook and then worked a treble into each chain. I turned the work and chained three to replace the first treble in the row and worked one treble (using the back loop only) into the next and every following stitch across the row.
I continued in this way until the scarf was about 7" wide.
Finally, I worked a row of double crochet's all around the scarf and fastened off.
This is quite a long scarf (it measures about 7'6") but it's lightweight and warm. I'm hoping to make some gloves to match this scarf as I think it'll be a perfectly glamorous evening set for an avid Hull Fc fan!

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