Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Autumn Scarf

I made this scarf from Robin Picasso Autumn. It's a chunky yarn which works up quickly and is ultra-soft. I bought it from the wool stall at Bridlington Market last year as I really loved the autumny colours. I hadn't particularly planned on making myself a new scarf but I couldn't resist it especially as it wasn't exactly breaking the bank.

It's made in the same way as the Hull FC scarf and is about the same width. It worked out slightly longer though, which is brilliant as I love really long scarves.
The finished scarf measures 7" wide x 8' long (excluding the fringe).
I've worn this scarf an awful lot and it's become one of my favourite scarves When it's really cold I wrap it round my neck twice and it keeps out all of the draughts.
I made mittens to match this scarf but I seem to have  lost them somewhere. I wish I had enough yarn left to make some more but I've run out. I might have to have a browse on line to see if I can find some more.
I vaguely remember making a bobble hat out of this yarn as well, but I have no idea where that is either! Even though I'd prefer a matching set, I still love this scarf and will probably wear it until it falls apart. 

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