Sunday, 14 October 2012


I’ve been in the mood to do a bit of cleaning up this week, mainly because the debris in my life has spiralled way out of control again. Unfortunately, I suffered from a wave of procrastination and thought I'd best try to clear up my laptop instead as it’s running a bit slow (probably because I’ve filled it to the brim with patterns and photos). I decided to put all of my crochet patterns onto disc to free up a bit of space and was surprised by how many I’ve collected. It’s a mixed bunch too, from chunky hats, scarves and gloves to slightly more delicate doilies and tablecloths. There's also some lovely kitchen and bathroom scrubbies. I’ll probably never get around to making even half of these but they’re really fun to have and to look at periodically.
As I was putting the discs away, I found a whole pile of other discs with some of my finished projects on and so I spent ages looking through them all. I got a wee bit more distracted after that (I always find it inspirational to look back at finished projects) and sat on the floor for a good few hours looking through my paper patterns and my rather large collection of Prima patterns. 
I even had a browse through my old sketchbooks but only because they were on the shelves above my files.
The upshot of all of this is that although I was brimming over with ideas of things to make I was also left with a huge pile of new things to put away (which I’m ashamed to admit are still pretty much where I left them). This is so typical of me. I wake up with the full intention of getting on with a particular job and get sidetracked by much more interesting things.Lots of people find this habit so-oo annoying and accuse me of never achieving anything. But if anything, this week has shown me that I do achieve things, albeit in my own small way. So, I'm going to do a series of posts about my finished projects. I know some of you have already seen many of these things but I hope you'll all enjoy reading about them.

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