Monday, 16 July 2012

Facebook, Androids and Angry Birds

Today I decided to create a Facebook account. I'm not sure why, because I've been on and off this social networking site since it's inception (well, for a while anyway). The only valid reason I can think of to justify going there again is that last week I became the very proud owner of a rather sexy Samsung Galaxy S2 and I'm completely, totally and utterly addicted to it. I want all of the apps (not just the ones which might actually be useful to me) and I want to play on it all of the time. I've already downloaded a Calorie Counter/ Weight Loss app which I'm finding very useful for my incessant and rather depressing yo-yo dieting, and PDMC was kind enough to find me Angry Birds which, as you probably already know, is totally indispensible. No modern woman is complete without Angry Birds on her android phone...

I've actually been meaning to crochet some angry birds for a while now, after finding some fabulous patterns on Ravelry. (Now there is a social networking site which it is worth being a member of).

  Yellow Bird is my particular favourite

    but there's also a brilliant Boomerang Green Bird,

and an impressively grumpy-looking Black Bird.

If I can actually put my 'phone down for more than thirty seconds, I may start crocheting one!

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