Sunday, 10 June 2012

Little Footstool

I’ve been away with the creative fairies for the last couple of months- it's given me a lovely opportunity to catch up on some of those unfinished projects I've been procrastinating over and a brilliant excuse to start some more! One day my work box will be empty...

At the beginning of the year I visited my local Dove House furniture shop and picked up this little footstool. Over the years I've bought a lot of second hand furniture from here which I've done up (some more successfully than others I might add) and I've found some brilliant curtains in the retail shop. It's definitely worth a quick visit or at least a browse at their ebay shop- there's some real bargains to be had and it's all in a good cause. You can find the locations of their shops here

As you can see, the cover wasn't in the best condition but I had a fabric in mind which I thought would definitely cheer it up a bit. It's called Windswept Rose in Botany Blue and it's available from here

The first thing I did when I got it home (after taking it for a visit to the allotment to see PDMC) was to take off the feet..

This was really easy as the feet are the screw-in kind.

Then came the really fun bit of taking off all of the grotty fabric!


Once I'd got all of the nasty old fabric off, I could see that the base and foam were in excellent condition, so all that I needed to do was to cut out a square of my fabric, lay the upturned stool onto it centrally and then staple gun it into place.

This part was a lot harder than it looks! I'm glad PDMC was there to help to keep the fabric taut.

 I added a nice new backing fabric and sat back and admired my little footstool.

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