Saturday, 3 March 2012

Crochet Obsession

I’ve only been crocheting for about a year, although I do have some lovely memories of my Nanna attempting to teach me when I was a little girl. She must have had the patience of a Saint to even attempt this with me as I was never that interested in all the crafty things that the women in the family spent their time absorbed with-I’d much rather have been snuggled up somewhere with a book, or with a pen and paper writing lots of peculiar stories about lambs and fairies. It was quite a surprise to me that after a lifetime of tears over unfinished sewing projects and even worse knitting disasters, I've finally learned to hook!


Crochet has been a total revelation to me. I had always thought that the creative gene had passed me by and that I had other skills -albeit unidentified -which were of equal importance should I ever be fortunate enough to identify exactly what they were. I certainly wasn’t expecting to wake up one day and to decide to teach myself to crochet, and I certainly didn’t expect to ever make anything practical from it!


My first project was a scarf for EC, a long pink and green attempt in double trebles which was lovely and open and so soft and warm. My inexperience began to show quickly though, as it unravelled at a spectacular rate. It’s a lesson well- learned though and I now spend ages making sure all my ends are properly woven in-there’s nothing quite as crushing as watching your work disassemble itself before your very eyes. I think it’s fair to say that it’s definitely worth finishing things off properly!

And there it was, there it began- The Crochet Obsession.

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