Thursday, 15 March 2012

Happy Days

I’ve had a very busy week or so catching up on housework, paperwork and all those boring bits of life which get in the way of crocheting. At least I’ve managed to spend a little time down at the PDMC'S allotment though, so I haven’t missed out on all the lovely weather. It’s beautiful again today and I would have gone to see PDMC and help with the digging only I had a lovely visit from my favourite academic. It’s been ages since we got together for a chat and I have to say I’ve missed it- he’s a true gentleman and lets me rabbit on about crochet (and other things) to my heart’s content! He also loves my sexy bathroom nearly as much as me...but what's not to love? I think that I only wanted this flat for this space, it's so-ooo gorgeous...

I'm feeling really cheerful now and seriously in the mood to snuggle down with some crochet, hot chocolate and possibly even a slice or two of apple pie,  but before I leave I want to share Alexi Sayle Archaic Grammar with you. It reminds me of a busy academic I know who mixes up his metaphors and similes and who has to put up with the uneducated underclass reminding him of his error at every available opportunity. I hope we can catch up again soon, it's been a lovely day.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Crochet Obsession

I’ve only been crocheting for about a year, although I do have some lovely memories of my Nanna attempting to teach me when I was a little girl. She must have had the patience of a Saint to even attempt this with me as I was never that interested in all the crafty things that the women in the family spent their time absorbed with-I’d much rather have been snuggled up somewhere with a book, or with a pen and paper writing lots of peculiar stories about lambs and fairies. It was quite a surprise to me that after a lifetime of tears over unfinished sewing projects and even worse knitting disasters, I've finally learned to hook!


Crochet has been a total revelation to me. I had always thought that the creative gene had passed me by and that I had other skills -albeit unidentified -which were of equal importance should I ever be fortunate enough to identify exactly what they were. I certainly wasn’t expecting to wake up one day and to decide to teach myself to crochet, and I certainly didn’t expect to ever make anything practical from it!


My first project was a scarf for EC, a long pink and green attempt in double trebles which was lovely and open and so soft and warm. My inexperience began to show quickly though, as it unravelled at a spectacular rate. It’s a lesson well- learned though and I now spend ages making sure all my ends are properly woven in-there’s nothing quite as crushing as watching your work disassemble itself before your very eyes. I think it’s fair to say that it’s definitely worth finishing things off properly!


It seems like such a long time since I first decided to create a BIog and I wasn't entirely sure that I was ever going to make it here, but finally The Big Purple Jumper has arrived in Blogland! I've been in serious need of a corner of my own for some time now and I'm so happy to have found a little place where I can chirrup about crochet (and lots of other things) to my hearts content! It's so lovely to be here and I hope you'll enjoy visiting me often. x